Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i have good news, and i have bad news

the bad news is that it is -5°F, Feels Like -29°F.

the good news is that i fit into my pre-pregnancy pants again. HALLELUJAH!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i see fish sticks in my future

what a week. so last tuesday evening, oliver's fever spiked again. we paged the on call doctor, who said that since he's still so young, we should have it checked out at children's hospital urgent care. so we trucked it over there. they needed a urine sample, which is an interesting affair with an infant, and some blood and x-rays, which is just stressful for all involved. when we were in the lab getting his blood drawn, they needed to do a heel stick as well as draw blood from his arm. when they placed the rubber tourniquet on his arm, his arm immediately started to turn purple and he began screaming like the world was ending. i wasn't able to calm him down and subsequently started crying myself. when the lab tech was FINALLY done drawing blood (and bitching about how they need more employees), i was able to hold oliver, though it took him awhile to calm down. then we were off to radiology, which was equally traumatic. luckily, the x-ray techs are VERY good at what they do and thus are extremely fast. they had to weigh his arms and legs down with sandbags, and tape his head into a foam thing, so he would stay still. he was not pleased and i teared up all over again. finally it was all over and we could go back to the room, where he passed out into a dead sleep from all the stress. the chest x-rays showed a viral progression but nothing bad, and the initial urine tests came back fine as well, so they said he had a virus and sent us home with instructions to visit his primary care physician the next day.

that night, i slept in the rocking chair with him, as whenever i attemped to put him down (even just to change his diaper), he would immediately begin screaming. this behavior continued through wednesday afternoon.

so, wednesday dawned, and his fever was a bit down, though he was still feeling pretty crappy. late that afternoon we went to see his doctor, who basically said i was over reacting and that he would be fine and that i would learn when he was really sick. which kind of irked me. i figured his cold was just a cold, or sinus infection, but the fever and random bouts of screaming at the top of his lungs, and screaming when the doctor pushed on his belly - not normal, and at his age, any fever over 100.4 should be checked out (or so all the sources - including the doctor - say). i keep feeling like his doctor dismisses all our concerns as "new parent worries," never taking us seriously. i understand that as a new parent, i will overreact at times, but i don't like the feeling that his doctor won't listen to us. the same thing happened with his gas, the discussion of what i eat affecting the baby, and probiotics. so we may end up changing doctors.

by wednesday evening, he was feeling a bit better (i was able to put him down without him screaming bloody murder) though still wasn't sleeping great, and by thursday morning his fever was gone. children's called to let us know that the blood tests so far were looking good, but that something was appearing in his urine cultures. friday, they called to let me know it was a bacteria (enterococcus, i believe), and something that always needs to be treated with antibiotics. however, since he no longer had a fever, they felt he was getting over it, but would fax all the information to his doctor to let him decide. which made me kind of want to kick the doctor, since if he had run ANY test on monday when we were in the office, he could have gotten antibiotics then (even if it was for his probable sinus infection) and perhaps avoided some of the mess (and lack of sleep) during the week.

he had been feeling much better: saturday night he regained his appetite and ate bottle after bottle, and yesterday his congestion seemed to start clearing up and he was sleeping better. however, his congestion has moved from his nose to his chest. you can hear and feel it, and his tiny cough is hoarse. he has that awful cough where stuff floats around in your chest, and i just know how that feels (and hurts). he was crying (hungry, mama, HUNGRY!!!) in the car on the way home from day care yesterday, and it sounded much like he was losing his voice. :( poor little bugger. i hesitate to even call the doctor's office though, since i am sure he will say it is normal and he is fine. and that's not the way it should be. at the same time, there is little they can do for him since he is so little and can't have much medicine anyways. i'll have to try some baby vick's tonight. if it doesn't clear up or worsens in the next day or 2, i'll have to have him checked out - make sure it's not pneumonia or something. the doctor will just have to deal with me!

bryan left for detroit yesterday morning, for work. i was pretty nervous about baby wrangling all by my lonesome while trying to get ready for work, but ollie has been the most precious angel (*knock on wood*). we got bryan to the airport around 6am yesterday, and as oliver had eaten before we left, he fell contentedly asleep in the car on the way home. i brought his whole carrier upstairs to the bathroom with me, where he slept peacefully while i showered and got dressed and ready. he woke up all smiles, and i got him changed and fed and all ready for the day. we made it to day care on time, so i was feeling pleasantly surprised and not the least bit accomplished (it may not sound like much but it's much harder than it sounds). he had a good day at day care, where they got to go on a walk since the weather had warmed up considerably. i don't know how his sitter does it with all those little kids (she has 6 kids, all 4 and under) but wow are we blessed because of it. it is definitely her special talent and calling!

i was worried about having to take on all the night shifts with oliver as well while bryan is gone, but he slept like a champ last night. we headed over to mom & dad's for dinner, and were home around 7. i got him ready for bed and we sat in the rocking chair for awhile, where he ate very well. i put him down around 8, took care of getting my things ready for this morning, and was in bed myself before 9. he slept 6 hours - until 2! he was up for about 30 minutes, and was back down until nearly 6. i got up at 5, shocked he wasn't awake, but started getting myself together. when he awoke just before 6, i thought that would be it, but i got him fed and he fell asleep again, allowing me to get ready for work, and was just waking around 6:45 when i was going into his room to wake him up. :) he was smiley and agreeable all morning, we got ready and out the door on time all by ourselves! go us!!

last thursday, we went out to the toyota dealership and picked up our new car! LOVESIT! it is soooooo cute. it is such a glossy, sexy black. well, at least it was when we got it. now, with the road salt and melting snow, it is covered in a grayish white coating of grossness (and the floor mats aren't looking so hot either). hopefully with this morning's rain it'll clean up a bit. and the inside smells like new car and leather, mmmm. it is super comfortable to ride in, so sleek with the leather and rounded surfaces everywhere, and has nice pick up! the display is really neat. it's a touch screen so you can navigate around the menus and screens and options - which is probably not the coolest thing to do while driving. the screen is pretty distracting overall anyways. i'm always checking it to see if i'm improving my average mpg (and i am - up to 38 mpg now!). same thing with the backup camera - more distracting than helpful i think. :) i've been having fun driving it the past couple of days. i have noticed, though, just how much lighter it is than my suv, which should be pretty interesting on the way home tonight with the forecasted 60 mph winds.

bryan and i have been watching britain's celebrity big brother, which has adopted a new format this year. instead of having celebrities in the house, they hand picked a group of young, talented people, and have a different celebrity "hijack" the house each day to direct that day's events. what i have found most interesting about this season is that all the young people in the house, while some may be slightly immature or naive, are generally almost boring to watch. they are all level headed, smart, and get along splendidly for the most part - very little drama. it makes it both refreshing and boring to watch at times. :) it's kind of nice to like all the housemates! they've had some good hijackers (we can't get enough russell brand). the finale just happened this week but we haven't watched it yet. can't wait to see!

we booked out atlanta trip, WOOHOO! since bryan has to go for work, the baby and i will accompany him for part of the week, so we can see all our friends and show off our incredibly cute baby. i can't WAIT to see everyone! our friends jessica and brent will have had their baby by then (based on the latest prediction, at least), so i am so excited to see them and their new family. flying with the baby (and more specifically, all his gear) should be an adventure. cat and chris are organizing the troops. it will be very nice to go to earthlink as a visitor! ;) we won't be there long, but it will be so nice to see everyone. i can't believe it's been nearly a year. it passed so quickly!

had my official start date as a permanent hire here this monday. :) took me awhile to find HR at the other building (no one seemed to know where it was), BUT ta-da!! i'm permanent. nothing much changes except who pays me... plus that longed for paid time off!!

oliver is 3 months old this week (hard to believe). with milk protein digestion problems disappearing between 3 and 5 months of age, based on the reading we've done, i may soon be able to indulge in dairy again. which is a good thing, as i've been fantasizing about dairy products for the last few days (i was longing for a cold glass of milk and holding an internal debate over whether sour cream or creme fraiche is better over the weekend, day dreaming about the many uses of feta yesterday morning on the way in to work, and i just had a random urge for a big hunk of cheddar). i'm going to give it another month and then we'll run a test (which, unfortunately, does not have me eating dairy but instead feeding him stored milk i froze while i was eating dairy). we shall see!! easter is coming, and everyone knows about easter and chocolate... oh lord i remember chocolate...

not much else here... i was off the hook last night, but we'll see how i juggle cooking myself dinner and keeping the baby happy at the same time. it's supposed to get up to nearly 50 today, but then drop to 0 by the evening, accompanied with snow, mega ice (which the prius will warn me of by lighting up a little skidding car picture on the dash), and that 60 mph wind (which i am uncertain the prius can handle). YUCK. the weekend won't be great either - not super cold, but snow/rain/wind as well. planning on trying to keep the munchkin indoors away from germs this weekend. i might try to get to the salon and spa for a hair cut and massage (mom's birthday gift to me). what a treat that would be!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

shoutout to bryan!!!

i hope the pats crush the giants in an embarrassing defeat

it's cold and nasty here. we got a lot of snow last night. i am home at the moment; oliver was up sick most of the night, and while he's much better this morning and bryan did take him into day care, i am too nervous to drive 13 miles to work and leave bryan here without a car in case the baby takes a turn for the worse. i'm debating driving in for a training session i need to attend, or going out to mom and dad's to get their extra car, but i'm so anxious i can't decide what to do. i had a hard enough time letting him go this morning. call it new mom jitters.

it was deathly cold all weekend. after bundling the munchkin up, we ventured out saturday to drop by target and sam's club. sam's club was a *mess* - everyone trying to drop their companions off at the front door, and pick them up there as well, and park as close as possible. we at least had an excuse - the baby! he enjoyed the trip, though not in his seat - he fussed and we held him the entire time. he had fun taking it all in. i was worried he would be cold, but we had him in such warm clothes and under so many blankets, he was actually rather toasty.

sunday was the packer's play off game, which they lost like a bunch of miserable school girls to that namby pamby eli manning. ollie was wearing all of his packers gear, but that didn't bring them any luck unfortunately. it was a really good game, and had it been anyone other than the giants, it wouldn't be so hard to accept defeat. oh well.

it snowed all day yesterday and through the night, so it's looking pretty nasty out there. i can just barely see the top of the bag of recycling that is sitting amid a snowbank.

i had off of work on monday, and ended up taking oliver to the doctor (he managed to gain another 2+ pounds in the last 2 weeks, bringing the total to 14 lbs 12.5 oz - his new nickname is Godzilla). his sniffle had worsened, and he had started coughing. no fever and he was still eating, so the doctor pretty much confirmed what i had thought - he was fine, just watch it to make sure he doesn't get worse. i was glad i had off and could stay home to cuddle him. we pretty much spent the entire day on the couch. i like to think he naps better in my arms. :) he had a pretty rough night though; very stuffy and a little feverish (which scared the bejesus outta me). but just like this morning, it was probably harder on me than on him. i worried far more than i slept, and while he was up more than usual i think he managed to get some sleep in.

nothing too exciting in terms of food this weekend... we took some chili out of the freezer for dinner saturday night, which was less fun for me without the green chili sour cream and cheddar cheese which bryan was able to have. we had some fish sandwiches for lunch on sunday with leftovers from our fish and chips from the other night, and those were pretty rockin. bryan made wings on sunday for dinner to go with the game, and last night we had a delicious dinner of homemade pasta shannon sent for us, with some fresh polish sausage, caramelized onions, and sauteed green beans. it really hit the spot.

other than that, we hunkered down inside all weekend to avoid the cold, and tried to make the baby laugh as much as possible. omg cutest thing ever. i can't believe how much of a little person he has grown to already. seeing his personality develop day to day is just simply amazing. a small part of me wishes he was 2 days old forever; tiny and curled up sleeping on my chest, and the rest of me cannot wait to watch him grow.

a few new pictures have been posted in the gallery.

video of the thing that makes my heart sing - oliver giggles!

Friday, January 18, 2008

a brush with the death of my coolness

i almost purchased a mini van this week. i know - unbelievably cool. however, we had a major problem with the prius we ordered last fall - it wasn't coming. in november, when we had purchased the prius, we were told it would come in the first or second week of january, they would take a day to install the leather, and ta-da! - new car. so we sold bryan's car at the end of december. and received a call from toyota letting us know that we were on track to get the car in january. then they called bryan on tuesday to let him know that there wasn't a car for us, and we had 2 options: 1) upgrade a package or two, pay the difference, and get a car now; OR 2) get the package we wanted in april (now, they have a car on the lot that is the package we want, but there was some BS about how they have to keep cars on the lot x numbers of months before selling them... shady). so we discussed our disappointment, and in the end decided that we weren't willing to pay the extra to upgrade, and we really weren't too keen on waiting until april. bryan gets discounts through IBM, so we started checking out other dealerships. and what we found was that we could get a pretty awesome deal on a chrysler town and country mini van. bryan has been waxing poetic about being a mini van owner for a few years, and in light of the deal we could get on one, i was definitely running out of excuses (other than "OMG NO WAY"). so i cried a little to myself, and on wednesday we went to a dealership to see what we could see. it turns out (shock and amazement) that in order to get any of the nifty features that make getting a van worth it (such as the swivel seating, built in child seat, automatic door openers) you have to upgrade a bunch, and of course the price goes up considerably. and we're not looking for a long term loan, so that was out of the question for us. the sales guy offered us a few good deals (including one on a chrysler 300 floor model, a car i've been eyeing for awhile), so we decided to go home and consider our options. we figured if we're going to get a van, we should check out used ones as well, so i started compiling a carmax list of mini vans and station wagons to check out in detail. my coolness was on its death bed. in the meantime, the toyota dealership emailed bryan, saying that they really wanted to get us in a prius, and what did they need to do in order to make that happen. easy - give us a car *now*, for the price we agreed on. in the end, the guy gave us *2* package upgrades, still with the after market leather, for just an extra $500. pretty bangin. so we took that, they're installing the leather today, and we'll get the car next week. fantastico! my coolness is feeling much better. that was a very close call. :) lucky for me, bryan has already pledged that our next car will be a new suv for me, so i shouldn't have quite such a scare again for a very long time. after our experience at toyota (which, even with this snafu, overall was very good), we'll be back to purchase a hybrid suv from them. i'm getting ahead of myself again, though. first, we need to actually have the prius in our possession.

bryan made me some phenomenal fish and chips for dinner last night. he beer battered some tilapia and served that with some homemade thick cut french fries and ghee'd peas. our bottle of malt vinegar seemed to have disappeared, so we had tartar sauce instead. too bad; that and some mint in our peas would have made us very english (we were watching the current big brother: celebrity hijack at the time too). no complaints though - it was positively delish!

not sure what is for dinner tonight, but hopefully we come up with something extra warm, because it's freaking COLD out there! says 8°F, Feels Like -8°F. stupid wind chill. i bundled ollie up this morning, and he did look very cute in his new oshkosh b'gosh red sweat one piece, hat and mittins, and 2 blankets. he gave me a big fat smile and a giggle, so he couldn't have been too uncomfortable. :)

it's supposed to be even colder tomorrow (3°F, Feels Like -13°F at NOON - i like how labels this as "Uncomfortable" weather.... no, seriously?), so i think we're going to hide out at home and make chili for dinner. sunday won't be much better, but that's the day of the final packer's play off game, so we'll be home then as well. i may have to venture out to get some groceries at some point, but we'll try to keep the baby home all weekend so his adorable little fingers don't freeze and fall off.

in his on going quest to sleep through the night, he slept 6.5 hours last night. i woke up at 3, which is when he's normally gotten up by, and had that momentary "holy crap the baby's dead" feeling, but of course he wasn't. :) he got up at 3:30, ate and was back down by 4, and got up shortly after 6. apparently, "sleeping through the night" means 5 - 6 hours of sleep, so technically he is sleeping through the night... but getting up at 3 isn't sleeping through the night in a real sense, so we're not totally there. we're pretty close though! then, once he starts sleeping through the night, i'll still get up at midnight to pump, then 4am to pump, so i can work out at 4:30 and still get to work by 8. i'm never going to get a full night's sleep again, am i? :) luckily, i have no problems going to bed before 9pm.

yea, ok, my coolness started to die long before the mini van scare.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


i just had a rather unsatisfying lunch. i bought some of those tuna "lunch to go" kits, with the tuna, mayo, relish, and crackers. i like tuna, and this is a nice little snack-y lunch (seriously, does one of those kits fill ANYONE up? those of you who know me know that i am not shy about scarfing down a hearty lunch... i'm not fooling anyone and i'm not trying to). that's not the problem, though. the problem is that it just wasn't flavorful enough. the mayo was reduced fat (a problem which, i admit, i could have resolved myself had i not been too lazy to walk downstairs to the cafeteria to get the full flavored stuff). the crackers were pretty bland. it all would have been much better on some country bread with a squeeze of lemon and some really fine gouda. at least i have some sea salt bagel crisps. though i wish it was a chocolate cupcake instead.

this disappointment is heightened by the fact that we have a rather scrumptious meal last night. we had some chicken thighs left over from the same package bryan made the paella with. he fried them up, southern style, and served them with a cider vinegar honey sauce. we had sauteed green beans and homemade fried potato rounds alongside. everything was absolutely perfect. the vinegar honey sauce went quite well on the potatoes, too. i got the chance to try out my ghee, on the beans. tasted like candy. see, this is what happens when you take dairy away from a lactophile.

re: the ghee - shannon sent an email when she had a moment of clarity, asking if i could have clarified butter, since when you make clarified butter, you are removing the milk proteins (as well as the water). le duh! bryan whipped up a batch of ghee (which is different than clarified butter in that it is slightly browned) and it didn't seem to bother junior at his 2:30am feeding. go shannon! and i'm not joking, it tasted quite like candy (think not quite done caramel - it's the slightly burnt sweet butter that did it). i'm totally slathering it liberally on some rolls tonight with our spaghetti and meat sauce.

Monday, January 14, 2008

paella and then some

bryan made me paella for dinner last night. i had mentioned that we hadn't had it in awhile, and it was sounding pretty good. as we had pretty much ALL the ingredients save the shrimp just lying around, paella it was! it turned out fantastico, as expected. bryan was not stingy with the saffron, so the rice turned out a brilliant golden yellow. there's not much left over. what can i say? it was good.

the rest of the weekend went swimmingly. the company i am contracting for officially offered me a permanent position on friday, so that was pretty exciting. it wasn't the initial position i had discussed with my manager; after finding out more about it and some deep personal reflection, i determined it was far too much to take on at this stage. it's definitely a goal for the future, but considering i have only been here for a few months and i have a new baby, i didn't want to get in over my head or commit too much personal time. still, i am happy that i am coming on full time. i really like it here.

oliver let us sleep pretty well. he's moved to sleeping 6 hours after going down for bed, which is awesome (and only 2 hours from sleeping through the entire night). saturday morning, he even went down well after his 4/5 am wake up call, and we stayed in bed past 8! we enjoyed a leisurely morning with a smiley baby. i made bryan a super simple and totally delicious lunch of bean tostadas, with hot sauce, raw onion, and shredded lettuce (i am sure i had awesome breath after that but man it was good). after getting a few things done around the house and running a few errands, oliver and i spent the afternoon hanging out with mom and katie. bryan stayed home to watch football and eat pizza, which helped me avoid having to watch tons of football, so that worked out alright. we did turn on the packers game at mom's house, though i wasn't paying much attention. katie's friend jessie came over for a bit, and has offered to babysit ollie. woohoo! mom, kate, ollie and i then headed to singha thai for dinner. this place is a favorite. best spring rolls ever, i am pretty sure. even though the orders are huge, we had to get 2 to make sure the 3 of us had enough. ;) i had the garlic pepper pork, which was sweet and delicious. katie had the peanut chicken, which was good and spicy. mom had the spicy catfish, which was delicious. i'm definitely getting that next time.

sunday was spent sitting around the house in sweats for the most part, attempting to make oliver smile and laugh. he's definitely got the smiling thing down. he got a mohawk too, as you can see. bryan let me off the hook for awhile, and i took a 2 hour nap, which was heavenly. mom and katie came over for a visit, so katie could say goodbye to us and the baby, but mostly the baby. she can't get enough of him. :)

no grand plans for this week. my main goals include trying to not let the house get too messed up, getting some newly printed pictures hung, perhaps getting the painting adrianne gave us for christmas framed, and holding my baby as much as possible. pretty normal week!

in other news, i am desperately craving a chocolate shake, made with homemade ice cream (bittersweet chocolate ice cream with honey). it's now moved up to the top of the "Thing I'm Going to Gorge Myself On When I Can Eat Dairy Again" list. goes well with cheeseburgers (2 birds, 1 stone).

Friday, January 11, 2008

a mometary moment of lightness

i ran across this site today, and as i am sitting here trying not to disrupt everyone by laughing, i just had to share an excerpt from a transcript from one of the funniest men alive to lead you into your weekend:

"Cake or death?" That's a pretty easy question. Anyone could answer that.

"Cake or death?"

"Eh, cake please."

"Very well! Give him cake!"

"Oh, thanks very much. It's very nice."

"You! Cake or death?"

“Uh, cake for me, too, please."

"Very well! Give him cake, too! We're gonna run out of cake at this rate. You! Cake or death?"

"Uh, death, please. No, cake! Cake! Cake, sorry. Sorry..."

"You said death first, uh-uh, death first!"

"Well, I meant cake!"

"Oh, all right. You're lucky I'm Church of England!" Cake or death?"

"Uh, cake please."

"Well, we're out of cake! We only had three bits and we didn't expect such a rush. So what do you want?"

"Well, so my choice is 'or death’? I’ll have the chicken then, please.

“Taste of human, sir. Would you like a white wine? There you go, thank you very much.”

“ Thank you for flying Church of England, cake or death?"

want it funnier?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


almost forgot - closed out the christmas 2007 / new years' 2008 gallery! :) photos are all posted!

happy wednesday!

the weekend was good and just as busy as i had suspected. friday night we stayed in and watched national treasure. hannah liked it even more than we thought, and became very invested in the characters and plot! she really seemed to enjoy seeing all the places in washington, d.c. that she had visited not too long ago with her grandparents. ollie and i missed most of the movie, however, as he was feeling a little cranky. he and i headed upstairs and rocked for a bit, and were both asleep by about 8:30.

hannah and i hit the mall at opening time saturday morning, in order to fulfill my promise to take her to the limited too. we arrived before they opened, so we jumped next door to macy's so i could spend my gift card. i ended up getting a really good deal on a ralph lauren top, not to mention an elle tahari silk blouse that i just looooove. i had about $6 left on the card after that, so picked up some on sale earrings - which turned out to be about $5. hannah now has the gift card, with a whopping 83 cents left on it. ;) we went back to the limited too, and after some coaxing (she wanted a silver sparkly gown, which was out of her price range not to mention impractical, and then a black satin skirt, which was just impractical), we put together an incredibly cute outfit (see below in the pictures of us at the domes). we swung through target, then headed home.

bryan made a fantastic turkey soup for lunch. we had a turkey carcass in the freezer from thanksgiving, which he used to make turkey stock, some of which he made into a soup with fresh veggies and some egg noodles. le yum! the weather had warmed up, but it was rainy and wet, so a perfect day for soup.

we then got ourselves together to leave the house (which is no small feat), and made our way to the domes. hannah hadn't yet been, so she was pretty excited. oliver, on the other hand, slept the whole time. which wasn't too bad. :) i'd much rather have sleepy baby than fussy baby! the concept of the domes are 3 geodesic spheres: one arid, one tropical, and one seasonal. we stopped in the seasonal dome first, which was done up for christmas, with a "christmas trees of the world" theme. the trees were rather pretty. i liked the polish tree the best (which hannah and i are pictured in front of). they had an italian "tree" - which was actually a stack of shelves with fruit. we headed into the arid dome next, which is full of desert type plants. they had some pretty huge cacti (check out bryan and hannah in front of the one that reminds me of the whomping willow), including some gigantic prickly pears (which always make me think of delicious, fresh prickly pear juice and nopales salsa... mmmm). then it was on to the tropical dome, which was one of the favorites. they had some very pretty tropical flowers, as well as cocoa plants (i had to explain to hannah that it would NOT be fun to eat a cocoa pod). they had a koi pond, with some very large orange koi, and one GIANT white koi. hannah had fun running back and forth from one side of the bridge to the other to track the fish as they swam around. it was pretty cute to watch her - she was very intent on seeing them, and was frustrated that they sometimes hid under the bridge!! :) bryan and i took the opportunity to steal a few kisses!

that evening, we headed to mom and dad's for dinner, as hannah and shannon were both leaving sunday. shannon made some beef empanadas with a raspberry coulis, and they were pretty delicious. hannah ate 2!

we headed home to watch national treasure: book of secrets. again, oliver and i didn't make it through the entire thing (i tried but i was exhausted), but hannah and bryan enjoyed it quite a bit.

early sunday afternoon, we headed to the airport to see hannah off. i think she was more upset to leave oliver than to leave us! :) she cried a little bit, but did ok. she did call us monday, however, to let us know she missed us. bryan and i headed off to my mom's family christmas party, where we got to show off our cute baby. he was, of course, well behaved, and everyone loved holding him for a bit. it was fun to see the family again. after some roast beef and other snacks, bryan and i headed home to relax a bit. we took down all the christmas decorations, including the tree. while i love christmas, it's also nice to have my house back.

oliver laughed for the first time on monday! i missed it - i was at work. he wouldn't laugh for me when i got home (he wanted to eat and nap), but i did get a few giggles out of him when i got home from work yesterday. CUTEST SOUND EVER!!!! even cuter than the little sound he makes when he sneezes! :) we haven't gotten too many more giggles out of him, but i'm sure it will come. yesterday, he and the monkey in his swing mobile must have been telling each other jokes or something, because he was staring up at him as he swung, and he kept smiling and making faces like he was laughing at the funniest thing EVER - just no sound. i'm sure the more we try to make him laugh, the more he will laugh. :)

he is back on a better sleep schedule. getting the shots last week thursday really messed him up, but he seems better now (goes down between 8 and 9, gets up between 1 and 2, and goes back down until 5 or 6). he started sleeping in his own room monday night, so i'm pretty glad he is sleeping better! i think he is more comfortable in his crib than the cradle, since he has gotten so big. last night he did fuss for bryan between 3 and 5 for some time, but eventually settled down with me in the rocker. i think he gets some burps stuck and that frustrates him. now that he is back in day care (we had him out some while hannah was here, and our provider has been sick monday and tuesday) his schedule should even out even more (knock on wood).

i stopped at walgreen's on the way home from work yesterday to pick up some pictures i had printed, and on a whim bought some bagel crisps (they were on sale). i am SO totally hooked! they are dairy free (whoohoo) and just so delicious. i haven't yet tried the garlic ones, but the sea salt variety are my new favorite thing - they just have the most lovely taste of olive oil and sea salt. i almost plowed my way through a whole bag yesterday (they are only 6 oz bags)! i plan on finishing them off for lunch today. :)

oliver's favorite aunt katie arrives tomorrow morning. it will be fun having her visit! i love being able to spend time with my sisters, and i've been fortunate enough to see them all LOTS this year. she apparently has piles of presents for oliver, since she just can't resist him. and who can blame her? :)

Friday, January 4, 2008

the amazing growing baby

looks good, doesn't it? hannah and mom made that on wednesday. a cake with apples and orange juice and no dairy. it is delicious. definitely one of the new favorites. goes great with tea in the morning! ;)

the week has been good. work has been busy, but i found out more about the job opportunity here, and it's even more exciting than i had imagined. i am meeting with the boss men next week. so keep your fingers crossed for me!! i'm pretty excited and i hope it all works out. just goes to show that all the crazy crap at earthlink was indeed some seriously crazy crap!

oliver had his 2 month appointment yesterday. he now weigh 12 lbs 15 1/2 oz, and is 23 3/4" long. that is a gain of 3 lbs 5 1/2 oz and a growth of 1" in the last month, for a total weight gain of 5 lbs 8 1/2 oz since birth! he is a big boy! both the nurse and the doctor commented on how much he's grown (the doctor said, "well, we won't have to worry about oliver not being able to take care of himself" ;). he also had to get another round of immunizations, which involved *4* shots. he was NOT happy about that. at least he had big sister hannah there to hold his hand. after we got home, he had a quick snack, then crashed for short but deep nap. poor guy was traumatized-out. you could tell for the rest of the evening he wasn't feeling too great. he ate, and you could tell he just wanted comfort, as he kept trying to eat his hands but was refusing food (he hasn't quite mastered thumb sucking). so i gave him some tylenol, and he and i settled down on the couch with a nuk and a warm blankie. he just cuddled up, awake, warm, and quiet for an hour, then he fell asleep.

i enjoyed cuddling with him while i watched atonement. overall i liked the movie. the story was mostly great, just had a few parts that annoyed me. and some of it was too artsy fartsy. but overall i enjoyed it. i love james mcavoy. :)

hannah and bryan hit the fancy movie theater (seriously, there is a restaurant and baby sitting services) up last night to see enchanted, which they both thought was really cute. princess movies are definitely up hannah's alley! :)

trying to keep it calm this weekend, though we've got plenty going on. bryan got us national treasure to watch tonight, which we think hannah will like. hannah and i are going to hit the mall first thing tomorrow morning, since i promised i would take her to the limited too. then we're all going to the domes, which should be fun and provide some great photo opportunities. i'm trying to talk mom or shannon into having us over for dinner saturday evening, since shannon leaves for school on sunday. sunday, hannah flies out (BOOOO!). mom's family christmas party is that afternoon as well, so we'll get to show off our ridiculously cute baby.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

happy new years!

we managed to pull off our new year's eve dinner, even though we ended up not having everything and my head was definitely not in the game. mom picked up a few things that we needed, which helped us avert total disaster. i was excited to get home and start cooking, since i hadn't made anything recently. everything started off splendidly, until i realized the amount of meat we had just wasn't going to be enough. i had followed the recipe, and remember thinking it seemed a little low, but i trusted the recipe (should have known better!). bryan ran out and got us some more meat, and we were able to make the beef rendang, which turned out pretty darn tasty. we served that with rice and rice noodles (which ended up plain). the terong belado (eggplant with chilli sauce) was delicious. the tomato sauce was pretty spicy, but even hannah liked it. the eggplant were roasted perfectly! the gado gado (mixed vegetable salad with peanut sauce) was a huge hit. even shannon, who generally doesn't like any dressing on her salad, had 3 helpings. :) shannon brought some pecan pie for dessert, which had butter so i skipped it. bryan also skipped it, seeing as how he had eaten all but 1 slice of the leftover pineapple cake from sunday (which was a half a cake!). so, even though we didn't have everything, and i was pretty spaced out from the lack of sleep, it worked out.

i didn't make it up to midnight, but hannah did! she and bryan stayed up... took a short nap but were up to see the ball drop at midnight. she was pretty excited since she had never been able to do so before.

it was nice to have new year's day off from work. i had figured we would watch movies and play games all day, but managed to accomplish none of that. :) hannah played in the snow for awhile, i reviewed our medical bills from the hospital and took a nap, and somehow managed to get nothing else done. bryan, however, got a lot done - he made a chicken stock, turkey stock (for soup later this week), and split pea soup with leftover ham from christmas. AND he made dinner!

and what a dinner it was! he had made greens the day before, boiled corned beef, cooked some black eyed peas along with some ham, and made some carrots since i had never found greens that i liked. well, bryan managed to change that last night - the greens were pretty awesome! i had never liked the over boiled GREEN taste of greens, nor the bitterness. whatever he did to these worked, however, as they were not over cooked tasting, nor in texture (they were still firm enough but not crunchy), and not bitter at all. they had a great flavor, and were even better with some pepper vinegar. i even had a second helping - as did hannah. we're officially converts :) overall, dinner was just awesome. hannah and i had some words over the last few pieces of corned beef, but managed to come to an agreement that left us both happy. ;) i wasn't thrilled about the black eyed peas, but i don't much like beans to begin with. bryan assured me that they were, in fact, quite delicious. any time we clear our plates, the menu is definitely a keeper, and we have definitely started yet another family tradition with this meal.

after dinner, bryan got hannah started with a movie, and we gave oliver a bath, which he enjoyed as usual. i love my clean munchkin!!

then we joined hannah in the living room to watch the game plan, which was pretty cute although totally predictable. the rock is fun, though, so we enjoyed it. although, i crawled up to bed before the end (which i am pretty sure i can predict anyways!). i had asked ollie to sleep for 5 hours and ta da! - he did! :) we went down around 8:30pm and got up at 2am. we were up for not quite 2 hours as he ate a bunch and fussed through some burps. his nose is still a little stuffy, so it was bothering him a bit as well. poor pumpkin.

we got off to a rough start this morning, as i overslept by about an hour. i had wanted to get up EARLY today, and that totally didn't work out. luckily, oliver was agreeable and got ready and strapped in without a fuss. i managed to get him and some supplies to day care shortly after 8. not sure what time i made it to work, though i would guess before 9. i was oh so smart and decided to wear a skirt today, and with the temperature at 16°F (feels like 0°F), my legs completely froze on the walk from the car to the door. i am not looking forward to leaving work today for that reason. my nose is running like crazy, but at least the awful headache i woke up with is gone (knock on wood). i'll get it together yet! :)

hannah is heading over to mom's house today. mom gave her a kid's baking book and made her a hello kitty apron for christmas, so they are baking an apple cake for us, YUM! hannah is learning to knit, as well. we gave her a knit your own scarf kit for christmas, and while i thought she may not have any interest in it, she has REALLY been loving it. it was the first gift she asked to do anything with, and has really applied herself in trying to learn to knit. shannon and mom also want to take her ice skating downtown this afternoon, but we'll see with this cold weather. i told her to pack long johns, so hopefully she found them! :)

i think we're having split pea soup for dinner, which will be great in this freezing weather and for my cold (seeing as how i can only long for some thera flu and not actually have any). and probably rolls, since we have about 60 of them leftover from sunday (i seriously DID NOT order so many!!). other than that, my only goals are to do some laundry and sit on the couch. i am not firing on all cylinders today and shouldn't attempt to do to much lest i just disappoint myself. i am definitely looking forward to heading home, getting in some comfy pjs, and cuddling with my baby!!