Friday, February 16, 2007


so the good news is that i've had multiple hits on my job applications so far. i have a phone interview with my #1 pick on monday, so i'm pretty excited about that. talked to a staffer at one of the consulting firms wednesday, and i should have some interviews lined up for their clients soon. it's definitely heartening to be moving forward with that. much less stressful to know i should have a job lined up before the move! that will make it much easier to find a house! ;)

in other news...

valentine's day was lovely, even if we did spend an hour and a half waiting for photos to print at a walgreens. i had ordered a massive amount of pictures (to create a scrapbook for hannah), and they had lost the 2 5x7s i had ordered. they offered to reprint them, but managed to reprint all ~200 photos as 5x7s... twice. the good news is i got about $600 worth of 5x7s for free. the bad news? i have about 300 5x7s. bryan made me dinner (as i had cooked last year). we had rack of lamb with greek spices; rice with lemon, parsley, and toasted pine nuts; and sauteed zucchini. i made tiramisu for dessert, and it turned out splendidly. i believe i've uncovered the trick to perfect tiramisu (as bryan always says, there's *always* a trick to making it better). all in all it was heavenly. no pictures as it wasn't until the tiramisu was swimming happily in my tummy before i thought about using the camera. i'll get the hang of this yet.

this weekend we're heading up to chattanooga with brent and jess to eat at this fantastic restaurant we found while vacationing there this past summer - southside grill. the food is perfectly magnificent. brent, jess, and bryan are very excited to hang out in the city, but i've mostly planned this trip to eat. shock me, shock me, shock me, right?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

finding a job

so i started applying for jobs today. kind of nerve wracking. i think i have my resume as refined as it can be for the time being, so i'm confident about that. now i just need to find someone to take interest in it! :) i've applied to a few companies i would really like to work for, and one in particular. this one, which shall currently remain unnamed, is a milwaukee institution. it would be really rewarding, i think, to work for a place so ingrained in milwaukee history, and with a tradition of its own. we shall see. now comes the hard part - waiting. being patient without having some sort of indication of when the waiting will end is hard for me.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

how to eat, part 1: dinner

last night's dinner was tasty. forgive the picture quality. i'll try harder with the lighting next time.

braised short ribs with swiss chard and roasted pearl onions, pommes puree, and horseradish crème fraîche1.

homemade chocolate2 and honey brownie3 ice cream.

cookbook information:
1 Sunday Suppers at Lucques: Seasonal Recipes from Market to Table, by Suzanne Goin and Teri Gelber


3 The New York Times Jewish Cookbook: More than 825 Traditional & Contemporary Recipes from Around the World, by Linda Amster

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

i blog too

so, here's my first blog. it's pretty boring until i can organize. soon to come: moving to wisconsin, finding a new job, how to eat, and other amusing anecdotes. no seriously, i'm pretty funny.