Thursday, May 24, 2007

our life has been pretty hectic lately. we began house hunting, which has been fun and stressful. we preapproved for a loan, and then determined our budget. we've looked at a bunch of houses, many with features we do like, more with marks in the minus column. we know we won't get our dream home, we know we'll have to update/reno something (the kitchen being a given, no matter what). we looked at a house above our current budget (by more than a hair) but within our preapproved range, and found a bigger, more complete house. which got us thinking. so we're looking at a few places above our budget now. we're trying to find that balance where it is worth spending more to do less work without spending so much more it'd have been more cost effective to do the work ourselves. we're at the point where we are narrowing down a list and now have to decide what we're going to sacrifice on (building a fence? smaller garage? unfinished basement vs finished? etc). i'm hoping by the end of the weekend we have an idea of what we want to put an offer on. i'm sure too many more weekends and our realtor will be sick of us. :) the good news is we have options, and as always, i am super organized (you should see my spreadsheets; they're beautiful), so we'll at least be making an informed decision. that's something, at least.

i also started a new job this week. i'm contracting as a business analyst for a company that provides customized software to financial institutions. i've sort of been dropped into the middle of a giant project, so i'm trying to find my footing. i think i'm on track for my piece; still trying to work out some details and make sure i've got all the right documentation and stuff, but i don't feel in over my head. at least not any more than anyone else on the project here. it's huge and complex (consumer and commerical, including agricultural, loan stuff), but very very interesting as well. to me, banking is generally common sense stuff, BUT it's so detailed and involved you could never guess all the stuff you have to think about. also since we're going through the mortgage process ourselves, it's very interesting to see what happens behind the scenes during the application, approval, and closing processes. we shall see. it's kind of nice to be back at work now, and i think it'll be nicer once i fully get into the swing of things.

the house hunting has pretty much been taking up all our waking thoughts lately. shannon and i started talking about the baby shower/birthday party (july is the month of bryan, you know) set for this summer, and let me tell you, it's gonna be the CUTEST ever. we're doing a joint since we're inviting folks from out of town, and don't want an all girly get together (no stupid shower games!). we'd rather just have a friends/family cook out. so we're doing a texas bbq, complete with smoked meats, checkered tablecloths, cornbread, and lemonade. everything is coordinating nicely and it is going to be great. we're just banking on no rain since we have lots of invitees and will be renting tables and chairs but no tents. if it rains, i don't know where we'll put all of mom & dad's furniture so that we can set up our tables. just sayin. we didn't get adorably perfect tablecloths and centerpieces for nothing. which reminds me, we need to get working on the invitations. it involves pictures and graphics and will be, of course, coordinating-ly cute.

having mom, shan, and ad over for dinner tonight, which is exciting since i have new dining room furniture. bryan's making his infamous wings, since mom loves wings. or as we say in the south, waaaangs.

have a going away party for a friend on sunday. she is being sent to iraq. she works for the military, though is not a combat soldier. she is scheduled to be there for 6 months. she has a very young daughter. so that's pretty sucky. i can't imagine being in her shoes.

mom and dad are having a cook out monday. let's hope the weather holds. i'm liking this warm weather!

other than that i think i am boring. meeting time.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


well, we found a short term rental and moved last week. it's a beautiful house in a cute 'hood across the street from a park. the woman who owns it has been trying to sell it, to no avail, so has decided to rent until she can sell it. which gives us a home base to operate out of while we hunt for a house of our own. unpacking sucked, but we didn't unpack everything so hopefully moving again in a few months won't be as painful. i also plan on bribing many family members to help. :)

still unemployed and looking. at least i've had plenty to keep me busy lately with the move.

finally got to go grocery shopping last night. while we've still got to stock up on more spices, oils, vinegars, and items like anchovies, capers, etc, it is nice to be able to cook out of our home again. last night was a quick meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and spinach. tonight i'm getting a little more elaborate and making sausage lasagna, with homemade pasta (lord knows i have the time). my pasta dough is resting right now. tomorrow i am making big boy burgers, since i've had a craving and there are no more big boy's around here. i'll be making homemade buns, as, again, i am currently not pressed for time.

that reminds me, i should start on the red sauce for tonight. that's it, ya'all, i'm out.